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barn layout options

Our fully equipped barn is an adaptable space perfect for a variety of corporate events and can be tailored to your requirements. Please find below our most popular layouts and a scaled drawing of the barn.

barn dimensions

barn with dimensions-01.jpg

20m x 11m

boardroom style a

For up to 84 guests. Working Lunch package available.

boardroom x84-01.jpg

boardroom style b

boardroom x65-01.jpg

Seats up to 65 guests. Working lunch package available.

theatre (with dining)

Seats up to 72 guests. Dining packages available.

theatre with dining x 72-01.jpg

theatre (without dining)

theater no dining x 168-01.jpg

Seats up to 160 guests. Refreshments only with this layout.


Seats up to 105 guests. Dining packages available.

caberet x 105-01.jpg
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