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walking routes

Roseberry Topping ascent

0.75 mile - 1.4 miles (depending on which route you take)

At just 1,049 feet (320 m) high, Roseberry Topping may not be the biggest hill you'll ever see, but it will certainly be one of the most distinctive. Its shape, caused by the combination of a geological fault and a mining collapse in 1912 has made the hill the most beloved landmark in the Tees Valley area. With its half-cone summit and jagged cliff, some say it reminds them of the Matterhorn in Switzerland. 

You can drive to Roseberry Topping and park at the onsite car park (fee payable) or walk from Whinstone View. (25min walk to the base)

Great Ayton Circuit

7.3 miles (11.7km) – strenuous circular walk

An ascent of the ‘Yorkshire Matterhorn’ and several reminders of Captain Cook; mark some of the delights of this walk through woodlands and across heather moorland.

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