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Spa treatment price list

Body Treats

Warm Bamboo Back Massage 40 minutes - £50

Warm Bamboo Full Body Massage 1 hr - £70

A unique new way to relax tight muscles and release stress, tension and improve sports performance. If you like deep tissue work, this is the treatment for you.


Back Massage 30 minutes - £35

Full Body 60 minutes - £60

Full Body Massage including scalp 1 hr 15 minutes - £65

Everyday stresses and strains simply disappear with our heavenly massage to either relax, detoxify, tone or stimulate.


Hot Stone Back Massage 40 minutes - £45

Hot Stone Full Body Massage including scalp 1 hr 15 minutes - £70

Stimulate energy flow while soothing the body and mind with this heavenly massage using the warmth of heated stones to ease tension and stress.


Leg & Foot Massage 20 minutes - £25

Perfect for tired and achy legs


Tranquility Scalp Massage 30 minutes - £30

Intensely de-stressing scalp, neck and shoulder treatment to banish tension and aid restful sleep.


Body Polish 40 minutes - £45

Full body exfoliation followed by nourishing moisturiser.

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Dermaquest Facials

Essential Balance Facial 60 minutes - £50

This revitalising treatment promotes healthy, balanced skin.

Peptide Vitality Facial 60 minutes - £55

Relax the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while plumping and firming the skin for a youthful boost.

Retinol Infusion Facial 30 minutes - £55

Revive, repair and restore your skin. Retinol infusion is the perfect pick-me-up for dull, lifeless skin.

Derma Clear Extraction Facial 60 minutes - £55

For acne, oily, combination and congested skin. Undermine acne-causing bacteria, effectively treat blackheads, and promote clearer even skin texture.

C Infusion Facial 60 minutes - £55

You’ve got to C it to believe it! The unparalleled powers of BV-OSC, a potent yet gentle, stable form of vitamin C give rise to glowing, vibrant skin.


Skin Bright Facial 60 minutes - £60

For hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tones, dull, lifeless skin. Tighten tone & treat your skin to the benefits of peptides, vitamin A, & natural brightening ingredients.

Tropic Facials

Tropic skincare fuses wild tropical botanicals with cutting-edge science – no artificial preservatives or toxins in sight – their vegan products are freshly made to unlock your healthiest glow yet.


30 mins - £35 / 60 mins £55

Rainforest Dew - Hydrating

Glow Berry - Brightening

Electric Bloom - Pro Ageing

Pure Lagoon - Blemish Control

Add on to any facial

Hydra gel eye mask and ice globe massage (15 mins) £15



Power Peptide Resurfacer 30 minutes - £70

Suitable for aging, texture concerns, visible lines and wrinkles.


Primary Pumpkin Resurfacer* 30 minutes - £70

Treatment for dull, uneven skin tone, lines, wrinkles or scarring.


Salicylic Acid Resurfacer* 30 minutes - £70

Treatment for acne, oily, combination and congested skin.


Power Pumpkin Resurfacer 30 minutes - £70

Evens skin tone by lightening pigmentation, ideal for thick resistant

breakout prone skin.


Mango Bright Resurfacer 30 minutes - £70

For stubborn pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles.


Lactic Acid resurfacer 30 minutes - £70

Delivers unrivaled hydration while increasing cellular turnover.


Glycolic acid resurfacer Level 1 - 30 minutes £70

Level (1) 30% glycolic


Glycolic acid resurfacer Level 2 - 30 minutes £70

Level (2) 40% glycolic


Skin Peels

Skin Peels stimulate new cell growth and collagen production, to deeply exfoliate and reveal fresher, cleaner, brighter skin. Ask our team for their expert advice on which treatment is best for your skin type.


Retinol Infusion Peel* 30 minutes - £80

All skin types and conditions, revives, repairs and restores skin.


Salicylic Peel 30 minutes* - £100

Acne, oily and combination skin. Salicylic acid effectively exfoliates the

skin by controlling congestion and relieving inflammation.


TCA Peel 30 minutes* - £110

Aging / texture concerns, visible lines, wrinkles, scarring, age spots.

*All of these treatments must include a 20 minute consultation, a patch test and skin

prepping two weeks prior to treatment.

*All of these treatments must include a 20 minute consultation, a patch test and skin

prepping two weeks prior to treatment.


Dermapure Dermarolling -  £80

Course of 3 - £200

Dermapure Dermarolling system uses a process of advanced skin micro-needling to produce natural, long-lasting results in skin rejuvenation using the Dermaroller. The advanced micro-needling procedure is designed to stimulate your skin, encouraging it to regenerate and repair itself naturally, producing smoother, brighter, younger and healthier looking skin.


The Dermapure Dermaroller treatment is clinically proven to be effective on:

• Scars (including acne)

• Sun damaged and ageing skin

• Facial and decollete lines and wrinkles

• Stretch marks

• Maximise results and get your skin looking its best by combining micro-needling treatments with one of our Dermaquest skincare programmes.

Home Dermaroller - £42

For even better results, purchase a 0.25 roller to improve your penetration at home by 70%


Dermaplaining 30 minutes - £50

Dermaplaining is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz”. The exfoliation and hair removal can leave skin brighter and smoother. The treatment may soften fine lines and wrinkles and eases hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone. Also used to help and treat deep acne scars. Team it up with one of our fantastic Dermaquest treatments or home care for maximum results.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 15.56.38.png

Manicures & Pedicures

Mii’s Colour Confidence polish is turbo-charged colour and care with Mii’s unique vita-care complex enriched formula. Fast drying, super shine durability delivered through the stroke of a specially engineered pro-glide brush. The result – ‘Stand Out’ healthy natural nails.

File & Cuticles 30 minutes - £15

File & Polish 30 minutes - £15

Mii Manicure 45 minutes - £25

Includes exfoliation, massage, cuticle care, shaped nails and perfect polish


Mii Deluxe Manicure 60 minutes - £30

As above plus thermal heat mittens and hand mask


Mii Pedicure 60 minutes - £30

Includes exfoliation, massage, cuticle care, shaped nails and perfect polish.


Mii Deluxe Pedicure 70 minutes - £35

As above plus thermal heat boots and foot mask

Gel Nails

Mii’s Statement Gels were born to be just that. A super shiny durable ‘soak-off’ gel polish with a self-levelling formula which can be easily removed without damage to the natural nail. Ideal for busy people with busy hands. Make your statement. polish.


Gel Manicure 45 minutes - £25

Gel Removal plus application 60 minutes - £30

Gel Removal 20 minutes - £10

Gel Pedicure 60 minutes - £30

Gel file & polish fingers - £20

Gel file & polish toes - £20

Builder gel add on - £3


Lashes & Brows

Lash Tint* £12

Brow Tint* £10

Brow Wax £10

Eye Package* £30


LVL Lashes* £45

The ultimate lash lift, natural enhancement to your own lashes. Very low

maintenance lasting 6 - 8 weeks


LVL Brow Sculpting/Lamination 30 minutes £45

Lasting 6 - 8 weeks


*A patch test is required 24 hours prior to first treatment

Long Lashes


Full Body £25 

Half Body £18


We use Sunescape tanning products in our spa which are filled to the brim with skin-loving ingredients, vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating oils. The formula enriches the skin and imparts a tan that looks and feels natural. It also boosts skin quality with anti-aging, hydrating and skin firming ingredients-leaving skin smoother and more replenished than any other tan can!



For those with pale skin, ‘Weekend in Bondi’ will provide a subtle, sun kissed tan, is great for a winter pick-me-up to put a glow back in your cheeks, or even for those bronzed bunnies wanting slightly more depth to their own natural tan. A perfect choice for brides, bridesmaids, first-time tanners or guys that don’t want their mates to know they’ve had a fake tan!



A more noticeable bronze, ‘Week in Fiji’ will give an instant self-esteem boost and have you looking 5kgs lighter! Your teeth will look whiter, eyes clearer and skin flawlessly bronzed. Our most popular colour, this ‘destination’ will give you a natural, healthy, holiday tan.



As the name suggests, ‘Month in Maui’ will develop into a deep, dark bronze and have you looking like you’ve enjoyed an extended, sun-soaked holiday. Offering a noticeably deeper bronze, this shade is great before a beach holiday, or during summer when most people have quite a bit of colour. For a more intense result, the tan can be left on for 4 hours.



NEW! Summer in Santorini is a fast acting 1 Hour Rapid (violet-base) tanning solution which leaves skin with a deep-olive tan, as though you have just returned from a summer in the Greek Islands. Bioactive super hydration complex. Nourishing ‘super-berry’ blend of pepperberry, muntari and riberry, along with Fijian tamanu, coconut & macadamia nut oil, jojoba esters and sodium hyaluronate. ultra tanning complex-5. with 5 different tanning actives for a faster, longer lasting ultra-dark olive tan.

Lycon Waxing

Lycon is the world’s leader in waxing technology, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm and is virtually pain free.


Eyebrows £10

Lip or Chin £10

Half Leg £22

Half Leg & Bikini £24

Full Leg £32

Full Leg & Bikini £42

Men’s Back or Chest £24

Under Arm £10

Forearm £15

Nostrils £8

Standard Bikini £18

G-String £25

Brazilian £32

Hollywood £38

Spa packges

Spa Packages

Relax, unwind and indulge with one of our spa packages - which combine some of our most popular treatments and also time to really relax in our large outdoor sheltered hot tub. Each package also includes a dining option in the bistro to make this a real treat!

Relax & Unwind Package

  • 1 hour hot tub

  • Glass of fizz

  • Back, neck & shoulder massage

  • 30 min Tropic facial

  • Mii Gel file & polish on fingers or toes

  • £10 allowance in the bistro


£110 per person (Tues - Thurs)

£120 per person (Fri & Sat)

Indulge Package

  • 1 hour hot tub

  • Glass of fizz

  • 30 min hot stone back massage

  • 1 hour Tropic facial

  • Hydra gel eye mask and ice globe massage

  • Mii Gel file & polish on fingers

  • Mii Gel file & polish on toes

  • Afternoon tea in the bistro

£160 per person (Tues - Thurs)

£170 per person (Fri & Sat)

spa policies

Spa policies

• You must be aged 16+ for spa days and massages.

• We don't recommend gel nails for children under 16.

• A 50% deposit is required for spa days/group bookings and treatments which are 2 hours+. If you need to cancel please let us know at least 24 hours before your appointment or you will lose your deposit.


Cancellation policy

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or change your appointment. If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, it will result in a 50% charge of the treatment. In case of an emergency we will allow you to reschedule your appointment once without a fee, but if you fail to attend without letting us now again - a cancellation fee will be payable.